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Procurement training

We offer two training options:

  • Customized training for individual companies

  • Standard training by ByPi Global

Depending on the needs of each company, we prepare focused, practical training for closed groups or individuals of your company. We agree on which procurement topics need workforce development and prepare and deliver specific training.

In the area of standard procurement training, we work closely with ByPi Global, a global provider of top-notch procurement Training.

Various educational programs are conducted depending on the experience level of participants, from beginners to directors in procurement.

Contact us to find the best program for you or your team.

Purchasing education, training for buyers

Continuous learning while working

Career Accelerator Development programs offer a unique and ongoing learning experience.
The programs are designed to enable the participants who will embark on the learning journey to receive knowledge, gain experience and transfer all acquired knowledge to everyday work and organization.

The structure of purchasing education

Career development

"Career Accelerator Development" programs are adapted to the level of experience, so that the acquired knowledge can be implemented in the best way in practice.


0-2 years of experience


2-5 years of experience


6-12 years of experience


12+ years of experience

Procurement Next-Gen
Certificate for acquired knowledge in procurement
Young Talent and Procurement
Certificate for acquired knowledge in procurement
Procurement Leader
Certificate for acquired knowledge in procurement
Procurement Value Master
Certificate for acquired knowledge in procurement

Procurement Deep Dive Series


Procurement Transformation Series

Are you ready to upgrade your purchasing knowledge for new challenges?

If you want to further improve your purchasing activities and efficiency with the help of new skills, we will be happy to hear from you. Contact us today to discuss which programs will suit you best.

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