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Procurement auctions

Supplement the procurement process with savings using e-auctions - reverse auctions

In today's fast-paced market, procurement efficiency and innovation are not just advantages – they are imperatives. At EFEKTO PRO, we specialize in upgrading the supplier selection process and negotiations with the power of e-auctions or e-auction. With vast experience and the use of an excellent solution, we bring great savings and promote transparency.

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Examples of savings with e-auctions

In our practice, we have already achieved more than €8,000,000 in savings using electronic auctions. Only some specific savings on typical purchase categories from our customers are shown.

The range of savings in these cases varies between 7% and 49%. In practice, we have already experienced a 76% saving, which is really an exception.

Why e-auctions?

E-auctions improve the efficiency and competitiveness of ordering. By conducting electronic auctions, you not only simplify the process of finding the best suppliers, but also ensure fair and transparent competition between them. This results in significant savings and an optimal choice of suppliers.

Some facts about e-auctions:

  • In addition to the price, other criteria can also be evaluated, such as partner status, references, payment terms, guarantee, etc.

  • Bidders are offered the opportunity to participate in electronic negotiations. They are by no means forced to do so.

  • Negotiation time is reduced from days to minutes.

  • It's completely easy for providers to participate.

Our services:

  • Conducting e-auctions as a service: Together with the customer, we look at the object of purchase and all aspects of the purchase. We execute the e-auction on behalf of the client, from creating the auction strategy to choosing the right platform and managing the event to ensure its success. Our approach is tailored to your unique needs and ensures you achieve the best possible results in terms of savings, quality and service levels.

  • Implementation of software solutions: Empowerment through technology is at the core of our philosophy. We implement top software solutions for e-auctions that are intuitive and powerful and enable your team to conduct auctions confidently and efficiently.

  • Empowering your team: There is power in knowledge and we believe in empowering your procurement team to be great. With comprehensive training and ongoing support, we ensure that your team is fully equipped to effectively manage e-auctions, making your procurement process not only faster, but also delivering superior results.

Why choose EFEKTO PRO?

With us, you are not just introducing a new ordering tool. You are accepting a strategic partner committed to excellence and innovation. With our experience and results, we are leaders in the field of procurement electronic auctions. We help our customers to achieve excellent procurement effects with our e-auction execution service or by introducing and supporting the system at customers. See some examples of savings with electronic auctions.

Ready for e-auction savings?

Are you ready to explore how e-auctions can upgrade your process and bring significant value to your business? Contact us or call us today to discuss your needs and discover how we can help you realize the full potential of electronic auctions.


Use your negotiating position in the most effective way.

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