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Procurement software

Upgrade strategic procurement with software solutions

At EFEKTO PRO, we work closely with the English company Market Dojo with a solution for strategic procurement. We also know other solutions and can help you with them as well.


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Why the Market Dojo solution?

We use the Market Dojo application for strategic procurement in our work. We decided on Market Dojo after extensive research on the procurement application market. The main criteria that led us to this decision were:

  • Ease of use for buyers and suppliers

  • Fast implementation with very little consumption of internal resources

  • Instant savings with electronic auction functionality

  • A set of functions for strategic procurement needs

  • Affordable price with a completely transparent pricing policy


Through implementation and use in our own environment, we have gained excellent knowledge and experience for quick and effective implementation also at our customers.

Would you like to:

  • have a strategic procurement solution implemented in a week?

  • recoup the investment into the system with savings from the first purchase event?

  • to see when the providers opened the email with a sent inquiry?

  • clone past purchase events and send an inquiry in five minutes?

  • have all received offers automatically compared in the overview table?

  • carry out effective negotiations with all suppliers in 15 minutes?

  • automatic alert to the end of the contract 3 months before the end?

  • use a template for ESG questionnaire for suppliers in one minute?

  • The help of artificial intelligence when composing inquiry questionnaires?

  • insight into all past requests and offers in one place?

  • give suppliers the opportunity to give in a structured way suggestions for improvement?

We can arrange all of the above and much more together. Contact us right now.

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